View Full Version : How to Apply for a Clan Sub-Forum

01-12-2019, 04:49 AM
As stated in the requirements for making a clan, If you get at least 20 members and show excellent activity and organization within your clan, you can apply for your very own clan sub-forum! It will be a sub-forum to this "Clans of Rogue Dynasty" forum and have your clan name. The clan leader will be moderator of their clan forum and have full control of the posts and topics within it. You will be able to make sticky topics, announcements, close and delete topics, manage posts etc. You will not have any banning powers or moderator powers on the rest of the board, however.

Here is how to apply:

First, you must have at least 20 ACTIVE members and your clan must be very active both in the game and here on the forums. Your clan must also be very well organized and have regular activities that actively help members in the game and encourage them to play and stay active and recruit other members.
Next, if you think you meet those requirements, send a private message to any admin or GM with an in-depth application. Include your clan's name and a list of ACTIVE members. Tell us why you think you need a sub-forum for your clan and how you plan to manage it and keep it organized and active. Tell us what events and special activities you plan to hold for your members and how you will keep your members playing and recruiting new members.
Your application will be posted in our Staff Only forum and the Admins and GM's will discuss and vote on whether or not to give you a sub-forum. So make your application good and convincing! Once we make our decision, you will be notified and if it is approved, your sub-forum will be created and you will be granted moderator permissions for your sub-forum.

Clans that are granted a sub-forum will also get their very own user group on the forums! A user group with your clan name will be created and all your members will be added to it. This will allow you to show your clan name or badge in your profiles and all your posts! You can also specify what permissions your users will have within your clan sub-forum (i.e. sticky posts, deleting posts, etc.). You can even make it so only you and your members can see your sub-forum or posts.