View Full Version : Inventory Filter system

03-22-2019, 12:59 PM
Like the title says is there a way we can make a filter system for the inventory page? I mean itíd be easier then have to scroll alphabetically to find the item. When you can just filter the order of items by the type of item. Example: Healing items, consumables, weapons, shields, key items, battle use, miscellaneous

Stuff like this will just narrow the scrolling down by a lot. Thinking about this as I type I know itís a lot to ask categorizing everything because weapons can be a pain in itself if broken down to all types. But it would help a lot down the line. Just a thought. More ideas welcome 🙏

03-22-2019, 02:15 PM
I could probably make it like the library, but I'm not sure if I could break the weapons down into types without adding new Item types into the system.

I also want to make a better equip system. It's so annoying scrolling through the drop down list trying to find the right item and it doesn't say the levels so I have to go look in the library to see if it's even the right level lol. I would like to make it some kind of drag and drop system maybe.

03-22-2019, 02:31 PM
My friend I understand your struggles! Lmao. Sad back in the day we definitely didn’t need to look at the library to check the items level...we basically knew the whole library by heart.