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10-14-2020, 03:29 PM
All For One - Plus Ultra Charm

A collection of extraordinary quirks. Not completely possible to control the mass of abilities and has a tendency to have random outbursts. One thing is for sure, this collection of quirks os bestowed upon only those who show TRUE HEROIC qualities. A TRUE HERO among heros.

(This charm has the opportunity to give the wearer the ability to "go beyond". Meaning 9999 is no longer a problem to surpass when using a Limitbreak on your enemies. The overload of energy causes intense strain on the user forcing them to pause for a turn due to fatigue.)

Essentially applies a new status Fatigue

Fatigue is a physically and mentally drained state. Player loses Hp and Mp for 3 turns and is disabled for one of those 3 turns.

Going beyond 9999 will help when facing boss monsters and pvp enemies using the BUBBLE status. It should also heal more than 9999 if the limit is a healing skills.


Edit: If first suggestion is too much, maybe it can be a charm that applies a random [element]strike each battle or depending on the area of the map you are.

Or maybe you can use both separately

10-14-2020, 10:35 PM
I like the Fatigue status idea that is like poison and Curse together. I will have to think about it though. After I added all the Elemental statuses there are already too many Poison-like statuses. As you've seen with Necromancer's Gluttony skill, it's very OP on monsters when you stack them. Witch can do this as well just not all in one skill like Necro.

There is already a "Break Damage Limit" effect that allows you to surpass the 9999 limit. I think, so far, the only item that has it is the Dragon Warrior's Ultimate Set. It's definitely possible to make a charm for it, but it will need to be rare.

10-15-2020, 06:43 AM
I agree there are too many poison-like skills. But nothing that drains like regenma. I was just thinking along the lines no matter how much a character increases their matk or atk. Once they hit 9999 as a average damage the increase is irrelevant. Of course im focusing on balancing out everything with the ap pts, but even still the atk or matk continues to increase. I just think a charm to allow as you put " break damage limit" would allow other classes the same possibility. Of course it would have to be rare. Like once fusion city is complete and the story line continues, maybe the gathering of all arks and completion of a certain (long) quest to unite the worlds grants you the "all for one" charm. A true heros mark.