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Thread: Update: Witch and Wizard Skill Renewal

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    Default Update: Witch and Wizard Skill Renewal

    Since, the former skill sets for Witch and Wizard (and their gender counterparts Warlock and Sorceress) were basically copies of the Black Mage skill set except with more skills, this made them stronger than Black Mage. But Black Mage is Tier 2 and Witch and Wizard are Tier 1, so they should not be stronger. So, I decided to make some major changes to the Witch and Wizard skill sets.

    You can see the new skill sets here:



    Witch and Warlocks now specialize in negative status effects. I changed all their elemental spells to only set the statuses related to the element. For example, a low level fire spell has a chance to set the Burn status, so the Witch's low level fire spell only sets the Burn status but does no damage. A mid level fire spell can set Burn or Def Dwn, so the a Witch's mid level fire spell will set both Burn and Def Dwn.

    You can see which statuses are related to which elements here:

    This may seem overpowered or still stronger than Black Mage since Witch can now set multiple statuses with a single skill, but at high levels, most equipment will block most statuses. So this will balance out the Witch's advantage.

    Wizard and Sorceress are now elemental specialists. All their elemental skills have been changed to a combination of 2 unrelated elements. Unrelated meaning they are not opposites or complements. Here is a chart of element opposites and complements:


    Fire - Lighting
    Ice - Water
    Wind - Holy
    Shadow - Earth

    So for example, a Wizard's low level fire spell has been changed to low level fire + wind because fire and wind are not opposites or complements or even secondary opposites or complements. This allows the spell to damage with both fire and wind elements and it has a chance to set both fire and wind element-statuses.

    Again, this may seem overpowered compared to Black Mage, but again, at high level most equipment will block or absorb most elements and with these spells using 2 elements, it doubles their chance of being blocked or absorbed. Block and Absorb always override weaknesses so if an enemy is weak against fire, but absorbs wind, they will still absorb fire + wind damage. Also, Wizard lacks the drain spells that Black Mage has.

    Any suggestions are welcome.
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