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Thread: Update: Quest List!

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    Default Update: Quest List!

    Alright Rogues,

    Once again, I have added a new section to the Library: Quests!

    If you go to the Quests section of the Library you can see a list of all your ongoing and completed quests. There is also a quick link to it in the Map at the top where it says "Adventuring as..." As said before, I understand these links may be hard to tap on mobile devices. I will be working on more mobile friendly buttons later. For now, I just want to release new features and modes for more playability, then later I will work on the look and feel of everything and focus mainly on mobile friendliness.

    Anyway, as you can see in the screenshot, the Ongoing quests are on the left and completed quests are on the right. Quests will not show up until you discover them. Once you discover them, you can see what task you need to complete under the quest title. The current task will be highlighted with a bold, yellow number. Once you complete a quest, it will be moved to the completed quests on the right and only show the quest title.

    This new information will be EXTREMELY helpful for players to know what quests they have picked up and what they need to do next. Some of them may quite vague though. They won't give away too much information so you can discover things on your own, but you will at least know what goal you are shooting for.

    Also, I should note that I had to add some new triggers for most of the quests to get them to pop up on the list so even if you have completed a quest, it may not show up until you revisit the location where it is first discovered and trigger the trigger. But don't worry, if you have already completed it, it will already be counted toward your quests completed rank in the Rankings. The quests completed numbers for all players have also been updated since they weren't very accurate before because some quests were not counted such as class bosses. So, check out the Quests section under the Rankings the Library to see your updated quest completion rank.

    I tested most of the larger quests, but not all of them so if you run into any problems with quests triggering or showing on the list please report it ASAP.

    Let's finish those quests! After these two quick Library updates, I will be getting back to working on new maps and bosses! Coming up will be the Da Bei Temple, home of the Monks and the third Tier 4 class, Monk! It will also come with new quests, multiple new bosses, and some new items!

    Stay tuned!

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    OMG, thank you for know damn well I love this idea. LMFAO!!!!

    Killing Him Is The Reason For MY EXISTENCE!!!

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