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Thread: !!!Rogue Dynasty RPG RESTORED!!!

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    Default !!!Rogue Dynasty RPG RESTORED!!!

    That's right, the Rogue Dynasty game has finally been restored! Thanks to help from Dave at If you need any help with vBulletin mods or add-on's, I recommend you go to him! He does fast work and works well with you to fix any problems!

    To play the game, simply click the PLAY NOW link at the top of the forums or the top of the home page. You must be registered at these forums to play. Once you have a forum account and log in, you will be able to create a character and start playing!

    Make sure you log into the forums through the url and play the game through the url. If for some reason you are redirected to, it will log you out. Simply go back to the url and you should be logged in again. When you log in, tick the "Remember Me" box. It seems to prevent this from happening so much. This is one of a few small glitches that can hopefully be worked out soon.

    Have fun and spread the word! Let's get more players!
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