The official Rogue Dynasty forums are now here at the old vBulletin forum and will no longer be at the new PHPBB forums. The Rogue Dynasty game requires an account here so it's better to use these forums. I don't have many mods or styles yet, but hopefully I can get some up soon. Especially a chatbox. You can use the chatbox at the phpbb forums for now if you want to organize battles with others. You will have to create another account there. It's annoying, I know, but I am focusing most of my time on the game. Maybe I can find someone with vBulletin experience who is willing to administer and focus on the forums here and install mods and stuff.

I will clean up and re-organize the forums as soon as I get time but for now, feel free to post. Posting in the forums gets you small amounts of gold for the game, but please don't abuse it. No spamming! Your spam posts will be moved to the spam forum and your gold will be deducted. Excessive spamming to get gold will get you banned from the forums and possibly the game.