In our Rogue Dynasty game, we promise not to abuse RNG like a lot of other MMO games do.

What is RNG? RNG is Random Number Generator. It is a randomization process used in probably every game for any number of things. It is a programming technique that generates a random number and the number will effect the outcome. For example, a skill might have a 50% chance of hit or miss. This is done by randomly generating a number that could be either 1 or 2 and if it's 1, the skill will hit or if it's 2, the skill will miss. That's 50/50. Or it could generate a random number between 1 and 100 and if it's between 1 and 50, the skill will hit or 51~100, the skill will miss. Also 50/50. The outcome is completely controlled by random coding and not by the GM's or anything else you might do in the game. Unless maybe there is a item that specifically says "Increases your chance of hit," and the item alters the RNG. But, I've played a lot of MMO's where people say "If you stand in a certain spot" or "If you try at a certain time" your success rate will be higher. That's not how it works. Also, people like to say "Thank you, GM" when they succeed...again, the GM's have no control over it. They aren't sitting there watching you play and deciding if you successfully upgrade your item or whatever, lol.

A lot of MMO's like to abuse RNG in order to create more grinding or money spending for the players. The worst one is probably "Loot Boxes." These are boxes that are usually sold to the players with real money promising a "chance" to get a rare or powerful item, but when the box is opened it is mostly common items or even empty. These use RNG and the chance of getting the rare item is usually VERY low. This tempts players to keep buying more and more boxes to keep trying. It's basically like gambling. Some countries have made it illegal for developers to sell loot boxes or at least reveal their source code to prove that there really is a chance of obtaining the rare item.

The next one that I hate most is random success for upgrading or crafting. A lot of games force you to grind and grind for materials to upgrade or craft items, then when you attempt the fails, or even worse, destroys the entire item and you lose it forever.

Here at Rogue Dynasty, we promise to NEVER do these two RNG offenses. If we sell you any item or any box, whether it be for gold or real money, what you see is what you get. The only "loot boxes" will be in the game and free to obtain by exploring the map, finishing quests, defeating bosses, etc. For example, you may find a treasure chest in the map that gives random items. But they will usually just be common items. We will never put rare or powerful items only in loot boxes and force you to try again and again until you get it. Some rare items may be randomly dropped by bosses or monsters so you have to fight them over and over until you are lucky enough to get it, but most will be obtainable with 100% success as long as you complete a task like finishing a quest or defeating a boss.

Secondly, if we implement any kind of upgrade or crafting system, there will be no failure rate. The materials may be extremely difficult to obtain, but if you can get them, you can upgrade your item with 100% success, and your hard earned items will never be destroyed or reverted to 0 because of an upgrade failure.

However, please note that there is a casino area in the map that purposely uses RNG gambling (it's a casino after all), but the only thing you can gain or lose is gold and we will not sell you gold so you won't be able to use real money to buy gold for gambling. But as with real casinos, please gamble at your own risk. It is possible to lose all your gold.