So I used location triggers and the new battle triggers to make counters for various stats and created a new page in the Library so you can see the stats. Check it out here:

I can't get the total wins and total losses to work yet, but the other stats should all work because they use the counter triggers. But they will only count from today, so those of you who have already completed a lot of quests or opened a lot of treasure chests, they won't be counted. I could update them manually in your account by checking your triggers to see which ones have been triggered, but it would be a lot of work.

Also, for the "Monsters Scanned" stat; if you have noticed, the monsters' stats are now hidden. You must use a scan item on them to view their stats. The only scan item right now is the Librascope. Later I will add more items and some classes, like Hunter, could have scanning skills. Once you scan a monster one time in battle, it is permanently scanned because it triggers a battle trigger on your account that says you have scanned that monster. You will be able to see it's stats on the search page, in battle, and view it's character profile.