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Thread: Stat System Change and Stats Reset

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    Default Stat System Change and Stats Reset

    The stats system for Rogue Dynasty has been changed so that class and race stats are now per level instead of one time added when you create the character. So your characters stats will naturally grow as you level, depending on your race and class.

    Due to this change, I also had to change the amount of stats gained per AP which means all characters' stats had to be reset. For every character that was reset, an Oblivion Potion was placed into their Item Slot 5. Please use this to reset your character's AP and you can reuse your AP with the new AP stats.

    Also due to the change, Monster's stats will need to be reworked. Level 1 characters' stats have gone down so level 1~5 monsters will be too strong and after level 5 the monsters will be too weak because of the multiplied stats of the characters. We will rework the monsters' stats ASAP. Please bear with us.


    UPDATE: All Monsters' stats have been re-balanced to accommodate the new player stats.
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