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Thread: New Maps and New Level 35 Weapons Released!

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    Default New Maps and New Level 35 Weapons Released!

    With the Ultimate Weapons being changed to level 1 with percentage based stats, I have added new level 35 weapons to go with all the level 35 armors and accessories. These weapons have been officially released and added to a brand new map!

    There are actually 2 new maps:

    The Golden Trade-Way

    A simple path map that goes from Harkan Kingdom to The Great Bazaar. Later the Trade-Way will branch to 3 other new maps that are in progress!

    The Great Bazaar

    A huge bazaar at the center point of the five great kingdoms of the west. It will link them all together later once the other 3 kingdom maps are finished!

    In the great bazaar you will find many new shops. These shops include previously unobtainable level 30 and 35 items along with the brand new level 35 weapons! They are extremely expensive though, so be careful before you buy!

    Again, I will post the world globe here so you can get a general idea of where the new maps are:

    And here are the new level 35 weapons! You can check more information on them in the Library.

    Bloodstone Bow and Apollo's Arrows (Bow and Arrows)

    Archangel's Blade (Holy Sword)

    Ciel Blade (Dagger)

    Claws of the Werewolf God (Claws)

    Dragon Whisker (Polearm)

    Dymlos (Dark Sword)

    High Mage Staff (Staff)

    Kitchen Knife (Axe)

    Lionheart and Titanium Bullets (Gunblade and Ammo)

    Nemean Lion (Fist)

    Ninefold Seraph (Holy Rod)

    Onion Knight (Doll)

    Phoenix's Ashes (Sword)

    Plasma Rifle (Gun)

    Serenity Requiem (Katana)

    Voodoo Wand (Dark Rod)

    If you run into any problems let me know! If you see any mistypes in the prices, especially sell prices higher than buy prices, please tell me in PM.

    Also, ignore the NPC's in the shops for now. I just used some pre-existing NPC's. Later I will add new NPC's for the new maps that will give more insight to the story of Rogue Dynasty!
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    Very nice. I like the sprites! Makes me wanna make a hunter or scout!

    Killing Him Is The Reason For MY EXISTENCE!!!

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