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Thread: Ammo Now Available for Guns and Gunblades!

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    Default Ammo Now Available for Guns and Gunblades!

    I have finished incorporating ammo for guns and gublades like the arrows for bows.

    I also made some changes to the way ammo and arrows work.

    All Guns and Bows will now check if you are wearing ammo or arrows in the left hand slot. If not, you will basically pistol whip the enemy and only do half damage lol. Also, all ammo and arrows will check if you are wearing a gun or bow in the right hand slot and give you a chance of getting a headshot for 50% more damage. However, there is also a small chance of missing.

    Gunblades will not require ammo to get full damage from attacking, but they will only get the 50% bonus (It's called "Trigger Pull" for gunblades instead of Headshot) if you are wearing ammo. They also won't have the chance of missing. Since the Pirate class will be the only class that can wear Gunblades and Ammo together, they will be the only ones that can get the Trigger Pull. Other classes like Warrior can wear Gunblades but will basically use them as swords only.

    On that note, I have also finished enough Gunblades for the upcoming Pirate class, but the class itself is still under construction but should be done soon. So look for that soon!

    Anyway, here's the new ammo. Nothing special, just the same sprites recolored, but at least you will know what to look for!

    Rubber Bullets (Level 1)

    Metal Bullets (Level 5)

    Copper Bullets (Level 10)

    Bronze Bullets (Level 15)

    Incendiary Rounds (Level 20)

    Freeze Rounds (Level 20)

    Acid Rounds (Level 20)

    Silver Bullets (Level 25)

    Golden Bullets (Level 30)

    Titanium Bullets (Level 35)

    Ammo starts at level 1 even though Gunner cannot be obtained until level 10, but Gunblades will start at level 15 since Pirates cannot be obtained until level 15. Mostly due to the fact that gunblade sprites are so hard to find.
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