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Thread: New Equip Slots: Mount and Charm!

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    Default New Equip Slots: Mount and Charm!

    Tired of giving up an item slot for a Chocobo or the new 1B exp items? I have added 2 new item slots! Mount and Charm. You can equip your favorite Chocobo in the Mount slot and call on him for help during battle, just like before. Also, the Mount slot can increase agility later when it is incorporated. In the Charm slot, you can equip exp and gold items like the new 1B items, which will now be referred to as Charms. The Charm slot cannot increase any stats. It is specifically for items with special effects like exp/gold bonuses.

    Also, on the admin side. I have added many new item types and broken down the weapons into each weapon type. This won't really effect players other than the Library being more categorized now. I also plan to categorize the Inventory soon.

    Admins, please note the "Unreleased" and "In Progress" item types. Unreleased items are items that are complete and working as they should but have not been released to the players in any shops, monsters, quests, etc. Once they are released, they should be moved to their correct item type. If you leave them as Unreleased, they will not work properly because the Unreleased item type is not set to add auto statuses, block statuses, and evaluate equip mods. Remember this when testing items as well. If you want to test their effects, you may need to temporarily move them to the correct item type until you are finished testing.

    In Progress items are items that are not complete but are planned for completion soon. Once they are complete and working as they should, they should be moved to the Unreleased category until they are released. Again, if you are testing an In Progress item, move it to the correct item type or it won't work properly. All other items in the "Ungrouped Items" category, are basically trash items that can be recycled into any new item. Items labeled [Recycle Sprite] are items that have unused sprites that can be used for new items in the future.

    I hope you all enjoy the new updates, there are many more to come! As always, please notify me if there are any problems or report it in the bug reports forum.

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    That's what that was! awesome job allen

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