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Thread: Headgear & Shield Renewal

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    Default Headgear & Shield Renewal

    Since the stats now grow per level, headgear and shields have become quite useless because of the small amounts of def they give. So we are renewing Shields and Headgear so that they will be mainly for status immunity.

    Headgear will guard against offense impairing ailments like blind, atk dwn, confuse, silence and shields will guard against defense/health impairing ailments like poison, burn, def dwn, md dwn etc.

    All Headgear have been finished, you can go to the library to see their new effects. Shields will be completed soon, I will keep you posted.

    Also, I moved 2 of the level 25 headgear up to level 30 because there were 6 headgears for level 25 and only 2 for level 30. So now there are 4 and 4. Red Mage Hat and Grand Helm have been moved to level 30 and their stats were raised accordingly. They were also moved to the Great Bazaar shops with other level 30 items and their prices were increased.

    Note: Any headgear or shields that have elemental properties have not been changed since elements naturally block certain statuses.

    Update: Shields are done.
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