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Thread: Update: New Map Features!

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    Default Update: New Map Features!

    I have finished some new map features that will pave the way for random monster battles!

    First, you can now set one of your characters as your main character, which will then be used when exploring the maps. Simply click on the "Set as Main" link at the top of the character's profile or on the RPG home page. For now, you can only have 1 main character. In the future, I hope to make party battles where you can set a party of 3. But for now, battles will continue to be 1 vs 1, so choose you 1 character and later, when random monster battles are up and running, this will be the character that encounters monsters on the map. You can see which of your characters is main by going to the Map. You will see "Adventuring as: (character name)" as well as your character's sprite on the location image.

    Some things you should know about main characters:

    If your main character is in battle, you will not be able to access the map until the battle is finished. Clicking the Map will redirect you to the battle.

    If your main character is dead, you will not be able to access the map until you revive the character or choose another main character.

    If ALL your characters are dead, this is considered a "party annihilation" and you will be sent back to your save point on the map.

    That brings me to the next Map update, Save Points!

    Admins can now add Save Point type shops to any location. You may see a new Shop icon: . This is a Save Point. Simply click on it and click [Set Save Point] and this location will be your new home that you will return to if your entire party is dead. Save points will usually (hopefully always, listen up admins), be at a location where revives are sold. Otherwise, if the player has no revives, they will be stuck at the location forever. I am trying to think of a way around this without automatically reviving characters. Any suggestions are welcome.

    On the admin side, I have added a monster manager in the admin cp where we can add, edit, and delete monsters as well as Monster Classes. This is all bringing us closer to random encounters and automated monsters battles so we won't need the Monsters account anymore!

    EDIT: I also want to inform the admins; with the new main character feature, it allows the use of $charinfo in location mods. This opens many new possibilities on the map, for example, you can restrict or allow entry to a location based on the main character's HP or trigger certain events depending on the main character's stats, equipped items, etc. (You could already trigger events based on equipped items before, but now it's easier now because you can just use $charinfo['rhand'] to check the character's weapon, for example, instead of calling the $inventory->check() function. You will still want to use the old method if you are checking ALL your character's equipped items though. $charinfo will only check your main character's information.) /EDIT

    My next focus will be the PVE battle page, then triggering battles on the map! Keep checking back for updates.

    On a side note: I am still waiting for my host to drop PHP 5 and see what happens to the site. I'm keeping everything backed up in case it goes down. They said it would be in April, but I haven't seen anything happen yet. If it does go down, I will work with them to get it back up ASAP.
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