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Thread: Server Migration Complete & Random Encounters are now on the Map!

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    Default Server Migration Complete & Random Encounters are now on the Map!

    Good news! The migration to the new server is complete and seems have been seamless with no problems. However, if you run into any problems let me know.

    This means the site will continue to run on PHP 5.6 for now. Eventually, I will have to upgrade everything to PHP 7 but it will be a big job so for now I will do what I can to keep it running as is.

    Even better news! While we were waiting for news about the PHP version then the server migration, I continued to work on some core features of the RPG. I managed to pull off the BIG ONE and successfully implemented AI monster battles! The monsters are now stand-alone, with no need for the "Monsters" account and can battle completely automatic with no need for the admins to control them.

    For now, monster battles are only available as random encounters on the Map. I have implemented random encounters into the Mayakan Kingdom bridges (Beginner monsters, Alfador, Boco, Fidor) and Lonwar Forest. The highest level monster is level 5 and the max level for encountering monsters in the forest is level 10. Now that we are back up and running, the admins and I will work to fill the maps with monsters and more quests with bosses.

    In the future, I hope to have other ways to battle monsters, such as Monster Shop, where you can pay gold to battle monsters and I am planning a Monster Arena Map where players can go through a gauntlet of monsters and see how far they can get and if they can reach the "Ultimate Monster" at the end.

    You can view the monsters in the Monster Bestiary in the Library, however, you will only see monsters that you have encountered and can't see their stats and profile until you scan them in battle. Scanning works the same as before. Once you scan a monster, it is permanently scanned. You do not have to scan them each time you battle them. This gives the bestiary a fun, collection aspect, as you can try to encounter and scan every monster. Maybe later there will be some kind of achievement reward for those who complete the Bestiary.

    Also, one major note, in order for the skills and items to work in monster battles, all the modifiers need to be updated with a certain line of code. So, for now, only attacking will work in monster battles but we are working to get everything else working ASAP. I will post an update here when it is done.

    UPDATE: All skills and items have been successfully updated for monster battles.

    And on the forum side, registration is still off due to spam bots. We are trying to get a new anti-spam system up, then we can open registration and hopefully bring in some new members.
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