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Thread: Inventory Renewal and Item & Gold Trade System

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    Default Inventory Renewal and Item & Gold Trade System

    Hello all.

    I've been working on the inventory lately. I organized the user inventories into item types like the Library. You will still see your entire inventory when you go to the main the inventory page but now you can now filter your items by item type such as Swords, Consumables, Key Items, etc. simply by clicking the item type name in the list at the top of your inventory.

    You can also now see your gold amount in your inventory page.

    NEXT, the big one...If you've been to the inventory page recently you've probably noticed the trade options at the top. I've implemented a crude trade system. It's just text and input boxes, no item images or anything. Hopefully in future updates we can make it more visually appealing. Graphics design isn't my strong-suit. I'm strictly programming lol.

    Appearance aside, I made the trade system fairly complex. It's not just a simple donation system where you can send items to other players. It's a scam-proof (hopefully) full trade system where players can actually sell their items for gold or other items. It works by removing both players' selected items and gold from their inventory and storing them in the trade database where neither player can access them. Then both players must review the trade and agree on it by clicking a confirm button. Only then will the items be released from the database into the new inventories. If there is a disagreement with the trade, players can cancel it at any time before they click the confirm button and all items and gold will be returned to their original owner. I will make a more in-depth guide for it soon.

    As I said, HOPEFULLY it is scam-proof and I haven't missed any loopholes that can be exploited and allow players to steal items or gain free items or gold. I tried to think of as many as I could and code error messages into them. Things like entering negative quantities or negative gold amounts or submitting a trade through the url instead of clicking the submit button. Please play around with it and test it out as much as you can. Maybe you can find some bugs I missed. Try things that might not be normal, like sending a trade at the same time in two browser tabs to see if it doubles the items and gold or anything like that. If you find anything PLEASE REPORT IT. Don't exploit it and use it to cheat.

    Also, please note that the "View Trade History" link is not working yet. It's not needed right now but I will finish it soon. This will be a list of all your past trades so you can check them if any problems come up. Admins will be able to see a full list of every trade in the database so we can find problems with bugs or exploits.

    My next project is to attempt to make a user shop system so players can sell their items in shops on the maps! Then I plan to make an events system that includes Ladders, Tournaments, Monster Raids, and CLANS!

    Until I get the user shop system up, maybe one of the other admins can make a new forum where players can post their items for sell and sell them through the new trade system. That is, if we ever get any players. lol

    UPDATE: Here is an in-depth guide to the new trade system:

    EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention, admins can now use the "Can Trade?" option for items in the admin CP to make items non-tradeable. Non-tradeable items will not be listed in the trade system even if they are in the player's inventory.
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