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Thread: Update: Item Skills!

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    Default Update: Item Skills!

    Just finished a major update: Items can now add skills to your character!

    All equippable items, except Item Slot 1~5 can now add skills to your character. Admins can set the skills for each item in the item manage in the admin cp, just like we set skills to classes. Only, the skills will only be useable by your character if the item is equipped.

    I added 2 new commands for this feature. The first one is "Magic" which will be the basic command that all 'equipment' type items' skills will go into. The next one is "Command Mount." This one is only for Mount type items. The Mount's skills will appear in this command. Admins, when you add skills to an item, you must check the "Magic" command box or "Command Mount" box if it's a Mount item. Otherwise, the character will not be able to use the item's skills because the command will not show up.

    Also, item skills do not use MP. Instead they have "Uses Per Battle." Each skill can be used a certain number of times per battle. Admins can set skills to infinite use by setting the Uses Per Battle option to 0.

    So, let me give you an example of the new Item Skills feature!

    Currently, all elemental weapons can cast their respective elemental spell by using the weapon from the item menu. For example, Fire Blade will cast Firaga if you use like a useable item from the item command.

    Now, you will no longer need to use it like an item. Equipping the Fire Blade will add the "Magic" command to your character and if you click the command in battle it will pop up a skill menu with Fire, Fira, and Firaga spells. Basic low level spells like Fire will be infinite use, but mid and high level spells like Fira and Firaga will be limited to 10 and 5 uses per battle, respectively.

    For a Mount example; currently, if you use a Red Chocobo from the item command, it will perform a random action like Choco Kick, or Choco Null. Now, equipping Red Chocobo will add the "Command Mount" command to your character and it will pop up a skill list with all the mount's skills and you can choose which one to use. Again, some of them will be limited per battle.

    The items will all need to be updated with the new skills, which will take some time, but I will work on rolling it out ASAP. The option to use the item from the Item Menu will be removed once it is updated with the skills.

    As always, let me know if you find any bugs or other problems.
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