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Thread: Update: Map Upgrade!

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    Default Update: Map Upgrade!

    So, I posted a concept image of a new map layout I came up with here:

    The battle page will be a lot of work so like I said, I can't say it will be done any time soon, but I already finished the new Map layout! It's live, so you can go check it out now. It wasn't as complex as the new battle page will be. Basically I just changed the left, right, up, and down arrow buttons to images of the locations and made them large squares. Then I added the NW, NE, SW, and SE squares and linked them to the respective location images and names in location.php which was only a few lines of code. Only the left, right, up, and down locations are clickable buttons though. You can't travel diagonal.

    I was going to move the shops and NPC's into the middle square like in my concept image but I decided to leave them on the left and right sides so it will be easy for mobile players to tap them with their thumbs. It's best viewed on horizontal mode. On a PC, if you have a really wide screen, it may looked stretched horizontally, but it's not bad on mine. If it's too stretched, you can unmaximize your browser window and make it a bit less wide.

    Also, on my IE browser, the location description doesn't show the faded gray background. I'm not sure why. I googled the CSS rgba(); function that I used for it and it says it's compatible with IE9+ and I'm using IE11. If you use IE and it's not showing a background on the text, I recommend using FireFox or Chrome otherwise locations with white or light colors in the background may make the text hard to see.

    If you have any suggestions or feedback, please speak up! I always want to know how I can make things better.

    I think I will start building concepts first from now and sharing them so I can get feedback and also so I can have a more clear vision of how I want to build something. Since I don't have much time to work on this, it will keep me from forgetting any ideas I had and I can come back to my concept images to see what I had in mind.
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    It looks amazing. Fantastic work.

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