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Thread: Event: 31 Days of Halloween!

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    Default Event: 31 Days of Halloween!

    31 Days of Halloween Event!

    It's time for the first annual 31 Days of Halloween Event!

    This event will last 31 days from October 1st until Halloween. During this time, you may encounter new monsters on Map! The monster is Jack, a killer Jack-o-Lantern. There are different variations of Jack for every 5 levels (5, 10, 15, 20, and so on). Higher level Jacks will appear on higher level maps and encounter rate is based on level. So, in Lonwar Forest, level 5 Jack can be encountered at a high rate with low level characters from 1-10, but will be less encountered by high level characters. In higher level maps, high levels will encounter high level Jacks at a higher or normal rate and lower levels will encounter them at an extremely high rate!

    Defeat Jack and he will drop all kinds of goodies like rock candy, coin jar, casino tokens, rings, ribbons, and necklaces!

    On top of that, we will also be running a Gold multiplier event! The Gold multiplier will start on October 10th and increase by 0.1x each day. So, on Oct 11th, Gold dropped after battle (both PVP and PVE) will be x1.1. On the 12th, it will be x1.2, 15th x1.5, 20th will be double, 30th will be triple and on Halloween it will be x3.1! So for example, monsters that normally drop 100 Gold will drop 310 Gold! Combine this with the Coin Jars dropped by Jack and selling the accessories dropped by him and you can gain lots of Gold in this event!

    Happy Halloween!
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