We have decided to make a change to the summons of Rogue Dynasty. Summons now have their own stats instead of being based off the summoner's MO and Mlvl. This change was made because we are adding Charms that can summon and the Charms would be useless to ATK based characters if they are based on MO. However, this doesn't mean that the summoner class's MO is useless. Since they specialize in summoning, Summoners will get bonus damage added to the summons' damage based on their MO and Mlvl. But when any other class summons, with a Charm for instance, no MO/Mlvl bonus will be added.

I have tested the damages and they seem a bit high compared to other skills so if summons turn out to be too overpowered, we may need to make some adjustments.

Since I mentioned the summoning Charms, here's a sneak peak at them. They are finished but not released or obtainable so this is not the official announcement for them.

Amber Trine - Summons Ixion

Black Coffin - Summons Anima

Blessed Wings - Summons Alexander

Blue Pearl - Summons Leviathan

Crystal Blaze - Summons Ifrit

Eye of the Dragon - Summons Bahamut

Golden Horn - Summons Titan

Jade Hurricane - Summons Valifore

Obsidian Star - Summons Atomos

Red Ruby - Summons Carbuncle

Tear of Mermaid - Summons Siren

White Diamond - Summons Shiva

Full information can be viewed in the Library.