Hope you all are having a good Christmas and holidays!

Check out our newest update: Exchange Shops!

This is a new shop type that can be found in the maps. Just look for this shop icon:

These shops allow you to exchange items for other items! They can be used as trade shops where you trade NPC's your items for a better item or something like Synthesis or Crafting shops where you give materials and they are combined into a new item.

Here's how it works:

I know it looks a bit ugly right now. As I've said like a broken record, I'm not a graphics artist lol. I just code it. I tried to use the same CSS style as other shops and for some reason it doesn't work. I will work on that but it's good enough for release as is.

Anyway, it's very simple. The top item under "Name" is the item you will receive. Put the number of how many you want in the Qty box. Under "Materials Needed," you will see what items are required for the trade and their quantities (x##). Then just click the bottom button and you will receive your items and the materials will be removed from your inventory. You will get an error if you don't have enough of the required materials.

I've tested it and haven't found any possible exploits, but you find any bug, especially ones that would allow players to obtain free items, please report to an Admin.

No exchange shops have been added to the maps yet, but I will be working on rolling some out. It's up to you to find them but here are a few examples:

There will be an exchange shop in the Casino where you can exchange Casino Tokens for items!

Chocobo breeding at the Chocobo Ranch will be updated with exchange shops so you won't accidentally enter the location and lose items!

Those are just a few. There are many quests and items that involve exchange shops planned later. Don't miss out!