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Thread: New Bosses Added

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    Default New Bosses Added

    New bosses have been added to the maps!

    You can now encounter Dark Summons! Dark Summons are the "dark" version of this world's summons that are from the Ulterior Realm. They have escaped into our realm through the portal created by KoN KoA when he entered this realm 20 years ago and decimated the Southwest. Dark Summons are randomly encountered rather than NPC bosses and it's up to you find out where to encounter them! Once they are defeated, they will no longer be encountered. If you happen to stumble on one, be sure to scan it, so if you lose the battle you can check its stats and be ready for the next encounter!

    So here are the Dark Summons:

    Dark Valefor

    Dark Shiva

    Dark Ifrit

    Dark Leviathan

    Dark Ixion

    Dark Titan

    Dark Atomos

    Dark Anima

    Dark Alexander

    Dark Bahamut

    Note that Atomos, Anima, and Alexander are unreachable for the time being. They will be encountered in maps that have not been released yet. All others are complete and encounterable.

    Defeating the Dark Summons will reward you with their respective Summoning Charm! I posted these in a previous announcement but I will post them again. This time being the official announcement for their release!

    Amber Trine - Summons Ixion

    Black Coffin - Summons Anima

    Blessed Wings - Summons Alexander

    Blue Pearl - Summons Leviathan

    Crystal Blaze - Summons Ifrit

    Eye of the Dragon - Summons Bahamut

    Golden Horn - Summons Titan

    Jade Hurricane - Summons Valifor

    Obsidian Star - Summons Atomos

    Red Ruby - Summons Carbuncle
    (There is no Dark Carbuncle, this one is obtained by other means. Its up to you to find it!)

    Tear of Mermaid - Summons Siren

    White Diamond - Summons Shiva

    Full information can be viewed in the Library. And remember from the previous announcement, Summons are no longer based on the MO stat of the summoner. They all have their own stats. So, even non-magic classes like Warrior can use these items!

    Also, one more boss has been added that is unrelated to the Dark Summons.

    Did you encounter Fidor in Mayakan Kingdom when you were a newbie? How many did you defeat? Well, Fidor is all grown up and he remembers what you did. He is out for revenge...

    Fidor (Adult)

    Fidor (Adult) is also randomly encountered. I won't tell you where to encounter him but if you defeat him, you will be rewarded with the Enemy Lure charm, which increases the encounter rate of monsters on all maps if you have it equipped on your Charm slot.

    Good luck finding the new bosses!
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