If you've been to Peak City, you've probably noticed that the lowest level, Peak City Level 1, was blocked off. Well, the map for Level 1 is now complete!

Peak City Level 1 is the bottom level of the 3 level city. It is deep inside the Sinora Mountain and turns out it's a factory where experiments are being conducted on AI and robotics. The entrance is guarded and civilians aren't allowed and the guards are very secretive about what's going on inside!

To enter Peak City Level 1, you must first defeat the Peak City Guard at the factory entrance.

Peak City Guard

This is an NPC boss so you don't have to try to randomly encounter him. Just click on the NPC on the left side and battle him when you're ready. Once defeated, you can enter the Factory which is an all new map with all new monster encounters. Here you will encounter mech monsters ranging from level 15~19. If you are having trouble, don't forget to scan them! All mechs have the same major weakness.

The Factory is a maze of rotating platforms and scaffolds. If you can find your way to the Control Deck you will find another boss...Justice!


Justice is also an NPC boss. It is level 20 and has a special mechanic that may make it a bit difficult at first! If you can manage to defeat Justice, it will drop the Scroll of Mechs which can change your class to Mech. This means Mech is the very first of the Tier 4 classes that is officially released! You must be a level 20 range type class like Scout or Gunner to upgrade to Mech. Your race will also be changed to Robot and your gender will be changed to Machine. This is the only class that changes your gender so once it's done, it cannot be undone. Your character will have the Machine gender forever! Race and Class can be changed again by using another scroll, however.

I will be working on releasing more Tier 3 classes soon. They will all be obtained through boss battles. The remaining Tier 4 classes will have their own quests and maps just like Justice so those may take some more time.