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Thread: New Battle Screen and Double Exp/Gold Event!

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    Default New Battle Screen and Double Exp/Gold Event!

    First off, the issues with the blank battle page have been solved!

    Turns out it wasn't from the low memory, although we did have low memory so that has been taken care of too. But the battle issue was in the coding so I did some debugging and narrowed it down until I found it and I put in a work-around.

    To make things better, I also got the new battle screen fully functional! There are still some visual changes I would like to make so it's not completely finished and you will more changes in the days coming, but it's fully functional and live so you will see it in all your battles now! The new screen is larger and more mobile friendly. Later I plan to make a way to toggle in and out of full screen mode with the battle screen and the map screen as well.

    Also, more good news! To make up for the battle problems we will be running a DOUBLE Exp and Gold event for one week, starting NOW! All exp and gold from winning PVP AND PVE battles will be doubled!

    We hope all the new players will return and stick around. Thanks for all your support!
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