Limit Techniques or "Limit Breaks" are special skills you can use when your limit bar fills.

Your limit bar is increased every time you take damage. There are some skills and statuses that can increase or decrease the limit bar as well.

The rate at which your limit bar fills depends on your Break Level. Each class has 4 Break Levels. Every 10 levels of your character, your Break Level will increase by 1. So at level 10, you will reach Break Level 2, level 20 will reach Break Level 3 and Level 30 will reach Break Level 4. The higher your Break Level, the slower your limit bar fills. But higher Break Levels have much more powerful attacks.

You can view your character's Limit Breaks by clicking "Limits" on the character's profile page or your main character page:

You will be taken to this screen:

As marked by the red circles, you can change your Break Level by clicking the level above your available limits. If you have no limits for that Break Level or have not reached the character level for that Break Level, you cannot choose it.

You will notice some Break Levels have more than one Limit skill. Sometimes, they will all be available when you reach the character level for the Break Level and sometimes you may have to reach a higher character level. For example, when your character reaches level 10, you can change to Break Level 2. There may be 2 skills in Break Level 2 but only one may be available at character level 10. The other may not be available until character level 15.

Also, once you change your Break Level, you will only be able to use the Limit Skills from that Break Level. So, once you change to Break Level 2, you can no longer use Break Level 1 skills until you change back to Break Level 1. Ultimate characters are an exception to this. One of the benefits of Ultimate status is the ability to use limit skills with a lower Break Level than your set Break Level.

Limit Skill damage is based on level so at level 1, your limit will be very weak but as you level it will get much stronger.

It may seem confusing, but it's really simple! If you have any questions, just post them here.