Since we don't really have an official tester I'm going to give rewards to players for reporting bugs and glitches. This game is just getting up and running so bugs and glitches are expected and I can't find them all myself so the players can help find them. Call this the game's Beta test lol.

So, for every bug that is reported I will give the player who reported it first a reward. The reward will depend on the severity of the bug. If it's just a minor bug that doesn't cause any problem but is annoying or something, I may give you a little gold or some free consumable items. If it's a severe bug that would allow players to cheat or get free items or breaks a feature of the game, the reward will be much better. For example, some recent bugs reported were the Ship and Airship not taking Travel Tickets to board which was rewarded with a 1B Item Gift Box and also the Mayakan Trainer tutorial boss wasn't giving players a healing potion which broke the tutorial battle. This one was rewarded with 1B Item Gift Box and 5000 gold.

If it's a minor bug, please report it in this forum by creating a new thread. If it's a sever bug that could allow cheating, please report it directly to an Admin through PM, Email, or Facebook message.

So, I hope this will encourage more players to speak up and report bugs. Help us grow and make this game the best it can be! Thanks for you support!