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Thread: Update: Tier 2 Class Bosses

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    Default Update: Tier 2 Class Bosses

    All Tier 2 Class Bosses are now available on the maps!

    Previously, Tier 2 classes were only available though buying the scrolls from the shops. They are extremely expensive because I don't want people changing their classes too much. But now, you can get at least one for free by defeating the class boss!

    Here are the new bosses:

    Nanaki XIII




    (White Mage)

    (Black Mage)

    These are simple NPC bosses that mostly don't require any kind of quest with the exception of Crzy requiring an item to unlock his location and Talbain requiring you to enter a certain location to trigger the NPC.

    I will be rolling out the Tier 3 bosses soon but they may take a bit longer because most of them will require some kind of quest. Tier 3 scrolls are currently unavailable and can't be bought in shops.

    Before that, however, I will be working on level 10~15 random encounters in the Desert, Field, and a few other maps.

    Check back for updates and let us know if there are any problems with the new bosses!
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