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Thread: Increasing starting base stats

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    Default Increasing starting base stats

    In order to help out new players I have increased the starting base stats for characters as follows:

    Max HP: 20 -> 50

    Max MP: 5 -> 30

    ATK: 5 -> 20

    DEF: 5 -> 20

    MO: 5 -> 20

    MD: 5 -> 20

    These base stats do not grow with level like race and class stats. They are only increased by AP. So, this won't affect high level players much but lower levels, especially new level 1's should have an easier time getting started. Previously, the low base level 1 stats made it difficult for new players to defeat even level 1 monsters.

    All existing characters have been updated accordingly.

    As always, any feedback is welcome. Thanks.

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    Yea that would help a lot with new characters. Also maybe add like a starting quest so people would generally know which way to go first.

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