I have, once again, made some changes to the Wizard/Sorceress (referred to as just "Wizard" for the rest of this post) skill set. Since Tier 1 classes have no support class (White Mage being the first support class at Tier 2), I have added some support buffs to the Wizard class.

However, Wizards won't be able to cast buffs at will like White Mage. There will be consequences. Since Wizards are masters of elements, they will use the power of each element to get the buffs. So new skills have been added that add the buffs BUT they also damage you with the element. For example; Lithic Ray will cast an Earth based spell on yourself but also give you the Protect buff.

In order to take the buff without the damage (or less damage) you will need to have a defensive property for that element such as Earth Ward/Earth Proof/Earth Eater. I have also added Proof buffs (Fire Proof, Ice Proof etc) to wizard so they can cast these first before using the damaging buff spells. So, buffing without damage will be a 2 turn process. Using armors or accessories with ward, proof, or eater will be the better option. At higher levels when Eater armors and accessories are available, the Wizard will be able to use these skills to heal and buff at the same time.

I also made some changes to Wizard's Break 4 Limit, but no one has ever reached Break 4 with a Wizard so it won't be noticeable.

You can check out the full skill list in the Library here: