The first Tier 3 class is now a available. Hunter!

In order to unlock Hunter, you must defeat the boss as with the Tier 2 classes. Here is the boss:

Red Bear

However, Tier 3 bosses will also require some kind of quest to gain access to them. Red Bear will require you to complete a "consecutive battle." This is first consecutive battle quest released on Rogue Dynasty. Consecutive battles mean you will go through a number of battles in a row with no break in between which means you can't heal or change equip in between the battles!

That's all I will tell you, it's up to you to find this consecutive battle and gain access to the Red Bear boss!

I will probably release the remaining Tier 3 classes all at once. I'm just releasing this one first since it's the first consecutive battle. If there are any problems with it please let me know!

The rest of the Tier 3 classes may also have consecutive battles or other quests to gain access to the bosses. As for Tier 4, they will have much bigger quests and maybe even their own maps like Mech so it may be a while before more Tier 4 classes are released. For now, be ready for the Tier 3 classes soon!