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    Default CHECK YOUR E-MAIL!

    With this recent wave of new players, I did an evaluation of new player activity and decided to send out e-mails to entice players to come back and play if they didn't stick around and to show our appreciation for those that did stick around.

    Every member of Rogue Dynasty should have received an e-mail in the e-mail account that they registered with here. So, check your e-mail and be sure to read it carefully because there are prizes involved! Depending on your recent activity, you will receive different prizes!

    If you don't see the e-mail it could be for a few reasons:

    1. It may be in your spam folder. Gmail sends e-mails from Rogue Dynasty to the spam folder because it's not a well-known e-mail address and may look like a spam advertisement to their algorithms.

    2. You may have chosen not to receive admin e-mails when you registered here. (If so, I would advise turning it back on for future events like this!)

    If you didn't receive the e-mail or can't find it, just reply here or comment on the Facebook post and let us know you didn't get anything. I will check what category you fall into and give you the right prizes.

    If you did receive the e-mail, please read it thoroughly and all you have to do is reply to the e-mail, reply here, or comment on the Facebook post and let us know you got it and you are returning (if you were one of the people that left) and you will get your prizes!

    The e-mails also ask you feedback questions, so if you could answer those in your reply, it would help us a lot but it's not required to get your prizes!

    Hope to see some returning members and continued support from those that have stuck around! Thanks everyone!
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