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Thread: Update: Monster Hunts

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    Default Update: Monster Hunts

    A new type of shop has been created for the maps. Monster Hunts!

    Look for this icon on the maps and you can start a Monster Hunt!

    Monster Hunts are DAILY quests that can be activated with EACH of your characters once per day! Click on the target icon and read the bulletin to find out which monster you are hunting, how many, and where to find it. Once you start the Monster Hunt, just go defeat that amount of the monsters and you will instantly be rewarded with bonus exp, gold, and maybe even items!

    The first Monster Hunt has been added to the Bridges in Mayakan Kingdom. This will help guide new players to battle monsters on the bridges instead of leaving the kingdom with no equipment. The reward item for completing the hunt is an Adventurer's suit. So now, not only can new players get a free Yellow Ring from the Mayakan Trainer, they can also get a free armor! And the monsters on the bridges can drop bandanas and shields, so you will only need to buy a weapon!

    I will be adding more Monster Hunts for other maps in the coming days so keep an eye for them! They will usually be posted in shops in the towns and kingdoms. For example, you may find a Monster Hunt posted in the weapon shop of Oldelm because the shop owner wants you to take out the monsters for him. Mayakan Kingdom is a special case where it is posted on the bridges so newbies see it before they leave the kingdom. So hopefully this will help out the new players and I'll get more up ASAP for the rest of you!

    I've done a lot of testing with it, but please report any problems. Let me know if the hunts aren't resetting every day or anything like that. Thanks!
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