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Thread: Facebook Share Event!

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    Default Facebook Share Event!

    UPDATE! This event does NOT expire but you can only do it once!

    Hello Rogues! Let's do a Facebook Share Event!

    First, if you haven't liked the Facebook page already, be sure to like and follow it.

    Rogue Dynasty - Facebook

    Next, comment on THIS POST with your Rogue Dynasty username and SHARE that post to your timeline. It must be on the public privacy setting.

    Everyone who does this will receive a FUSION SODA in the game! Fusion Soda is an EXTREMELY rare item that instantly levels you up 1 level! Use it now, or save it for high level when experience is slow. Also be sure to use it right after you leveled up. It will only give you enough exp to reach the NEXT level, so if you only need 5 exp to level up, it will only give you 5 exp and be wasted.

    What are you waiting for? It's a free level!

    Also, if any friends on your timeline register, they can put you as their referrer and you can get the referral bonus!
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