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    Default Stay tuned...

    Hey guys, you may not see many new updates for a while because I'm going to be working on something BIG for Rogue Dynasty that might take a while. Maybe I will throw in a few small updates here and there if I get extra time but I want to focus on this BIG one mostly.

    Once it's done, I will run a beta test with a few of the active players and see how it goes. If it all goes well and gets good feedback, I will open it live for all players.

    So stay tuned, keep checking back, and don't forget about us! I will make an announcement when it's ready to get volunteers for the beta test and I'll try to keep making regular Facebook posts to let everyone know we're still alive.

    Thanks for your continued support!

    EDIT: Actually, let's get those beta testers now so I can run the idea by some players and get some suggestions and feedback. I would hate to go through all the work then the testers hate it lol.

    So, reply here if you're interested. Beta testers will get access to a Tester's forum where we can discuss it and will get first access to try it out when it's ready.

    I'm hoping for help from the few active players that have stuck around and leveled their characters and really dug into the game.



    Randomj (hasn't been too active but he made it to level 17 and seemed really interested and asked me not to stop updating the game)

    Masjack (seems to have disappeared after getting to level 22 but if he comes back, the offer is open)
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