The big update is finally here!

Rogue Dynasty now has an all new beginning! After all the player feedback requesting more story quests and better guidance for new players, I have created a Rogue Dynasty Prologue!

The Prologue is now live and from now on when new players start the game, they will be introduced to the story of Rogue Dynasty. Players will get to play as the antagonist of the game and learn how the Rogue Dynasty came to be! You will be given a pre-built, high level character and make your way through the story of the antagonist entering our realm and decimating three kingdoms! You will get a preview of what it's like to be high level and get to test out high level skills, items, and strategies!

The Prologue will also serve as a Tutorial and teach new players all about battling, traveling in the map, equipping and using items, and much more. The Prologue is quite long and may not be finished in one sitting, but it will immerse you into the story and show what Rogue Dynasty is all about and what you are building your heroes to go up against! Be sure to read the Tutorial messages carefully, the Prologue is set up to give you favor and advantage and easily win battles, but if you don't pay attention to the tutorials it may be difficult! This is to teach players how to use proper strategy in Rogue Dynasty and will make things much easier for new players.

For existing players, you will also get to experience the Prologue next time you enter the game. You will notice your characters and inventory will be gone but don't worry! Your characters and inventory will be backed up on a temporary account until you finish the Prologue, then they will be restored to your account. Also, at the beginning of the Prologue, there will be an option to skip the prologue. This will be for players who have already been through the Prologue and are creating a new account or something and don't need to see it again. But for existing players that haven't gone through the Prologue, I recommend completing it even if you are a veteran and know how to play. It will get you more involved in the story and allow you to preview higher levels!

That's not all! The Prologue is mainly for educational purposes and telling the story. Once you finish, you won't keep any items or other rewards. So again, as players have requested, I'm adding more story based quests into the actual game with rewards! These story quests will help lead you to the ultimate goal of the game, which is finding and defeating the Rogue Dynasty!

In the coming updates, I will be working on many of these quests, but for now, a beginning quest for new players has been added. First, since the Prologue will have a more in-depth battle tutorial, the Mayakan Trainer at the starting location will no longer serve as a battle tutorial. Instead, there will now be EIGHT Mayakan Trainers! One for each Tier 1 class. Depending on which class you choose when you create your character, you will get to battle the trainer for that class. The trainer will teach new players all about the class they chose. They will learn things like which weapons to choose, how to apply AP, and what kind of skills to expect as they level up. Each trainer can be battled once, so if you create more than one character, you can battle the trainer again if you choose a different class.

After you defeat the Trainer, you will directed to the Mayakan Pharmacy, where the Pharmacist will have a quest for you. This quest will lead you to Peak City where you can find the Map Maker who will show you the World Map! It's the brand new world map that I posted here: but it will accessible IN the game so new players can find it if they haven't checked the forums. The map will help them understand where they need to go for the ultimate goal of the game.

Keep in mind, the 'Nowhere' maps are not added yet so you can only go as far as the Great Bazaar, but once we have more players, I will work on this end-game content for future release. For now, I need to focus on the game's beginnings and getting new players so that's the point of this update!

Also I would like to add: I tested the Prologue myself many times on many accounts, but only one of the other testers actually finished it and reported back on it. The others were too busy, which is understandable. So, I will be relying on all you players to do some testing as well. If you find any problems or bugs please let us know. Also, please give any feedback you have about what you think of the Prologue, the story, etc.

I hope you all enjoy the new updates! Thanks for all your continued support!