Hello Rogues!

A new Boss has appeared in the North Tundra!

Frost Giant

Frost Giant is a level 20 boss that is randomly encountered in the North Tundra map. He will use strong ice elemental attacks and spells so prepare the necessary defenses!

Frost Giant possesses a new legendary item set, the Frost Giant set!

Ice Lance

Shield of the Frost Giant

Helm of the Frost Giant

Armor of the Frost Giant

This set will absorb ice element and has a chance to Freeze the enemy when they attack you and if you equip the full set, the Ice Lance can shatter enemies that are Frozen and instantly kill them!

Frost Giant will always drop Ice Lance when you defeat him, but the helm, shield, and armor are random drops. He can only be defeated once in the map so, if you want the full set, you will have re-battle Frost Giant from the Bestiary using Scroll of Anamnesis or find other players that have your missing parts and are willing to trade for them.

Stay tuned for more bosses and item sets coming soon!