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Thread: New Maps, 3rd Tier 4 Class, +New Bosses and Items!

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    Default New Maps, 3rd Tier 4 Class, +New Bosses and Items!

    Are you ready, Rogues? Lots of new stuff to announce!

    Let's start off with some new maps!

    Da Bei Temple

    Da Bei Temple is the newest 'town' map. It's a safe area (no monsters) with all new shops and NPC's! You can reach Da Bei at the very end (North) of the Fusion Highway. This temple is home of the Monks. Monk is the 3rd Tier 4 Class that is now available. We'll get to that later...

    Da Bei Temple also comes with a new quest map. The Gorgon Lair!

    The Gorgon Lair

    The Gorgon Lair is a quest map which is part of the Da Bei Temple and Monk Class quest. It will also serve as a fast travel via Portals if you can complete the quest. It will allow you to quickly move from one corner of the map to the other!

    Now let's get to the new bosses! First, as mentioned, the 3rd Tier 4 class is now available. Monk!

    You find a strange Monk girl at the Da Bei Temple. Once you complete a certain task, you will be able to challenge her for the Monk Scroll!


    This is Illyria. She is also part of the Rogue Dynasty Story. If you went though the Prologue, you may remember Shaperia had 2 teenage daughters that ran away when KoN KoA attacked. Rayne and Illyria. Rayne fled to the Great Bazaar and kept following the ways of the Summoner, but Illyria fled as far as possible and ended up at Da Bei Temple where she was taken in by the Monks and trained in the art of Wushu! Now, she can train you to use this powerful Tier 4 class!

    The next bosses are part of the larger quest for the Temple. Meet the Gorgon Sisters!



    The Gorgon Sisters come from the Gorgon Lair through portals and attack the Da Bei Temple. Illyria and the Monks ask for your help to defeat them! These are level 25 bosses and won't be easy. You will even have to fight them both in a consecutive battle with no break in between, but don't worry, Illyria will join the battle to help you!

    Now let's get to the goodies. The new items!

    First, here are some new robe armors that you can obtain from an exchange shop in Da Bei Temple:

    Robe of Arctic Waters

    Robe of Burning Fury

    Robe of the Firmament

    Robe of the Underworld

    These are Monk themed robes crafted by the Monks of Da Bei Temple. They use the power of Elemental Shards to craft them so uou will need to exchange Elemental Shards for them in an exchange shop.

    Each robe will give you negative status effects and require a certain discipline and chakra alignment (basically, you need to equip certain combo of items lol) to remove or take advantage of the negative effects. Each robe also has 2 elements, but instead of guarding against the elements they damage you with those elements! You will receive 10% damage each turn from the main elements and 5% from the second element. For example, Robe of Burning Fury will give you 10% fire damage each turn (Burn) and 5% Lightning damage each turn. If you can figure out how to take advantage of this damage, these robes can be VERY powerful!

    Next, we have the main reward items from the new quest:

    Katar of Thorn Bush

    Katar of Piercing Wind

    Katar of Cold Icicle

    Katar of Raging Blaze

    These are the Katars of the Four Corners. They were scattered to the four corners of the realm and once you complete the Gorgon Sisters' quest, you will be able to use them to open the portals that can teleport you across the map in no time! They are also very powerful level 25 weapons for dual-wield classes like Monk! Each Katar has an element and can inflict the basic status effect from that element just by attacking. And since you can dual-wield them, you can set 2 statuses with one attack!

    And finally, here are some other new items obtainable from the Gorgon Sisters:

    Pink Knight Sword

    Pink Knight Helm

    Pink Knight Armor

    This is the Pink Knight Armor set. Each piece can be dropped by Marilith, but only one at a time. You will fight Marilith more than once during the quest so you have a chance to get 2 in the quest, but if you want the full set, you may need to rebattle her from the Bestiary with Scroll of Anamnesis.

    This set is level 25 and can only be worn by FEMALE characters. If you equip the full set, your normal attack will deal DOUBLE damage to male enemies. (PVP only, monsters don't have genders)

    Zeus Plate

    And last, we have Zeus Plate. A level 25 armor, but it doesn't give any stats. However, it will randomly set Attack Proof or Magic Proof on you in battle. (Not at the same time.) This is randomly dropped by Lilith. You will actually have THREE chances to get it from her during the quest. If you still don't get it, you will have to try rebattling her.

    You can check out all these items in the Library for more in-depth details.

    Whew, I hope I didn't forget anything! Enjoy the new updates, Rogues! Next I'll be starting on the story maps, first with the ruined Kingdom of Alexandria which will have level 25~30 monsters for you higher levels and a new boss with new items plus ANOTHER Tier 4 class!

    Stay tuned!
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    Looks awesome! I'll check this out when I get some time.

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    Amazing Job Allen...simply amazing!

    Killing Him Is The Reason For MY EXISTENCE!!!

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    so cool

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