What's up Rogues?

In the previous Monk update, I introduced some new Robe armors that give elemental damage each turn. Previously, this was coded directly into the armors, but I've decided to make these effects into their own status effects. So you will be seeing some new statuses from now on. They are:

-Take 10% Shadow damage each turn. (max 999)

-Take 10% Holy damage each turn. (max 999)

-Take 10% Ice damage each turn. (max 999)

-Take 5% Water damage each turn. (max 999)

-Take 5% Lightning damage each turn. (max 999)

-Take 5% Wind damage each turn. (max 999)

And as you know, Burn already exists for 10% Fire damage and Poison for 5% Earth damage.

All elemental items have been updated with the new statuses as well as the Element-Status effects on elemental attacks and skills.

Also, some of the Witch and Warlock class's skills were changed to fit in these new statuses.

As always, let me know if there are any problems!