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Thread: Daily Rewards!

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    Default Daily Rewards!

    Thanks to a suggestion from our new player, Zua, I have implemented Daily Rewards!

    From now on, every 24 hours all players will receive the following items if they are online:

    500 Gold
    Scroll of Anamnesis
    Revive x5
    Ultimate Healing Potion x5
    Turbo Ether x5
    Rocky Candy
    Coin jar

    The gold and potions will be helpful for new players that don't have any gold to buy potions or can't revive their characters or use an inn. They can simply wait until the next day and use these rewards!

    For higher level players, the daily Scroll of Anamnesis will allow you to rebattle 1 boss from the Bestiary. Use it to battle a high level boss each day and reap the loot!

    Rock Candy and Coin Jar will be useful for both newbies and high level players. You will get 1 each so you can double your exp and gold for 1 battle! Use them wisely and make sure you can win the battle or they will be wasted!

    Be sure to log in every day to get the rewards! If you skip a day, the rewards will not carry over to the next day!

    The 24 hour timer starts when you obtain the rewards, so it's not on a set time (midnight for example), meaning you can't login at 11:59 and get the reward then 12:00 and get it again. It will be 24 hours after you received the reward.

    As always, let us know if you have any problems or aren't receiving your items.

    I also want to note that Zua has been rewarded with a 1B Item Gift Box for the great suggestion. Don't forget that we highly value feedback and will reward players for any feedback or suggestions if it helps the game. Even negative feedback!

    EDIT: I made another quick update:

    If you login for consecutive days, you will get MORE items!

    Each consecutive day, you will get 100 gold added on to the reward.

    Each consecutive day, you will get 1 more potion added on to the reward (revive, UHP, and Turbo).

    Each 7 consecutive days (1 week), you will get 1 more Rock Candy and Coin Jar added on to the reward.

    Each 30 consecutive days (1 month) you will get 1 more Scroll of Anamnesis added on to the reward.

    If you miss a day, the counter will reset and your reward will go back to day 1!
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    Fantastic upset i didnt think of it. Great job Zua

    Killing Him Is The Reason For MY EXISTENCE!!!

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