Hey Rogues,

You may notice there are ads on Rogue Dynasty now. I know ads are always a turn off for people, especially in games, but there's a good thing about Rogue Dynasty being a browser game! Unlike mobile app games, where you have to sit through a 30 second video ad before you can play the game, our ads are simple google ads that appear on the pages of the game and forums. So they are very easy to ignore! Or you can click on them and help us out.

Please understand that RogueDynasty is completely free and generates no revenue. We don't even have optional micro transactions and definitely no pay-to-win system! However, it's not cheap to keep the site and game running. I have to pay web hosting fees as well as facebook ad fees for the ads I run to bring in new players. So these ads will help keep Rogue Dynasty alive and growing! Also, if anyone would like to donate to help out with hosting fees, contact me. :P