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Thread: Change to 1B Items (Rock Candy etc)

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    Default Change to 1B Items (Rock Candy etc)

    Hey Rogues,

    After a suggestion from Testament, I have decided to make a change to the 1B items (Rock Candy, Coin Jar, and Rainbow Fragment.)

    These items are no longer Charms and are Consumable Items instead. So they can be used from your inventory or equipped on your 5 items slots for battle.

    When you use them, they will be activate for 1 battle only. For example, using Rock Candy will activate double experience for 1 battle. If you use it from your inventory, it will be the next battle you do, whether it's PVP or PVE. If you use it in battle from your 5 items slots, it will be active for the battle you are in.

    When the effects of these items are active, you will see it as a Status on your character in the profile and battle pages. You will see "Exp x2" or "Gold x2." You may have to expand the drop down box, they will be at the bottom where Auto-Life is when it's activated.

    This change gives a major advantage because you can stack the effects from Rock Candy and Coin Jar. Before, you could only equip 1 on your Charm slot so you had to choose between double exp or double gold (except for Rainbow Fragment that gives both.) Now, you can either use both Rock Candy and Coin Jar from your inventory before the battle and get both double exp and double gold, or take both items with you into battle in your 5 items slots and use them in the battle. Rainbow Fragment still gives both bonuses from 1 item use. You can't stack more one of the same item though, meaning you can't use 2 Rock Candies and get 4x exp. Once you use one, you can't use another until the effect wears off. If you use Rock Candy then use Rainbow Fragment, the Rainbow Fragment will only give double gold which would be a waste of a Rainbow Fragment.

    Also, using them from your inventory may save you items slot in battle, however, it may sometimes be strategic to take them into battle instead. For example, you may find a boss and you aren't sure if you can defeat it. Since the 1B items don't double exp and gold if you lose the battle, you may waste them if you use them from your inventory then lose the boss battle. But, if you take them into battle in your 5 item slots, you can size up the boss first and make sure you can defeat it then use the 1B item from your item slots in the battle. You could even wait until right before the final blow that defeats the boss. This would also work well in PVP, but it's much more risky to sacrifice a healing item in PVP.

    Another good thing about this change is that it opens up the possibility of 2B, 3B, etc items. Meaning, I could make Rocky Candy 3B that doubles exp for 3 battles then the effect will wear off. So look for those possibly in the future.

    As always, let me know if there are any problems with the items!
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