Another great suggestion from a new player has been implemented! After a suggestion from Phos (and added ideas from Testament), we now have Ultimate Races!

Each race in Rogue Dynasty now has a second evolution that you will gain once you are reborn into Ultimate status by using Rebirth Stone.

Human -> Demigod
Elf -> High Elf
Orc -> Ogre
Dwarf -> King Dwarf
Angelic -> Archangel
Demonic -> Archdemon
Dragon -> Elder Dragon
Robot -> Android
Undead -> Immortal
Void -> Overlord

These races have boosted HP growth and their weakest stat has boosted growth as well! For example, Void has very low defense growth, but Overlord's defense growth will be boosted by 1 point compared to Void.

This adds yet another benefit to Ultimate characters! Remember, the Rebirth Stone is not yet released, but it can be obtained in the on-going Level 50 Challenge event. There are still 2 slots left! Testament has already received his Archdemon race upgrade. Who will be the next 2 players to reach the next stage of evolution!?

Also, don't forget, we reward players for good suggestions and feedback. Phos has been rewarded with a free level 35 item of his choice for this great suggestion! Don't be afraid to share your ideas!