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Thread: New Story Maps, Bosses, Tier 4 Class, and Items!

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    Default New Story Maps, Bosses, Tier 4 Class, and Items!

    Hey Rogues, BIG update!

    First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates for the past few months. Back in November, my wife and I welcomed our second child into the family. With a 2 year old and a new born, I barely have any free time. I'm trying my best to work on more updates!

    Now let's get to it!

    As I promised a few months ago after the last update, I have finally finished the first story map for Rogue Dynasty!

    Alexandria Kingdom (Ruins)

    If you finished the Prologue, you may remember the Kingdom of Alexandria. It was the second Kingdom that KoN KoA attacked. At this point, the Summoner, Shaperia had joined him after he destroyed her Kingdom of Yuanlan and blackmailed her into joining him on his conquest. Together KoN KoA and Shaperia invaded Alexandria and were met by Brachtis the Royal Guard who was also a life-long friend of Shaperia. After a fight with KoN KoA, he surrendered and agreed to let them enter the castle as long as he could stay with Shaperia to ensure her safety. Once in the castle, KoN KoA dispatched the King of Alexandria and discovered the Ark of the Covenant. Noticing it's similarity to his Ark of Millions of Years, which gave him his power, he opened the Ark and released a curse on the Kingdom that caused everyone to go mad and start fighting and destroying everything. KoN KoA, Shaperia, and Brachtis then set out to the next Kingdom, or Queendom, in this case...but that will be for the next update!

    So, fast forward to present time, the Kingdom of Alexandria is still in ruins. It can't be rebuilt because anyone who stays too long will go mad from the curse of the Ark of the Covenant! The Ruins can be entered from the Golden Trade-way after exiting the Great Bazaar on the West side. Once you enter the Ruins, the longer you stay in the map, your character will start to get certain negative status effects! Be sure to prepare the right equipment to nullify the status effects or navigating this map will be very difficult! And the encounters will be even more difficult!

    You will encounter Alexandrian Knights and Skeletons which are levels 25~30. Alexandrian Knight (Berserk) is a mini-boss that can be re battled in the Bestiary like other bosses. He will have a permanent Berserk status and attack non-stop with double damage and high ATK. However, he also has a permanent Poison status. He has a chance to drop an accessory that has this same effect:

    Warrior's Soul

    This is a brand new accessory that gives Auto-Berserk and Auto-Poison.

    You can also obtain the next Tier 4 class in Alexandria, White Knight!


    This is Beatrix, a famous White Knight of Alexandria. Find her and help her with a small request and she will allow you to battle her for the Scroll of White Knight! White Knight is an attack and magic balanced class has healing and buffs as well as physical skills and magic spells. White Knight is of the Good alignment so keep in mind if you use this class, you will not be able to equip 'Evil' or Shadow based items.

    Make your way to the Alexandrian Castle and you will find the main boss for this map:


    Remember at the end of the Prologue there was some mysterious dialogue between what seemed to be the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? That's right, they have come to our realm to oversee the Apocalypse brought on by KoN KoA. The Horseman of War is the first one you encounter and he fights with Wrath, using brute force attacks.

    Once you defeat War, the curse on the Ruins will be lifted and you will no longer encounter enemies or get status effects from the map.

    War will also drop TWO items:

    Mask of Wrath

    Horse of War

    The Mask of Wrath is the first of a set of SEVEN masks, representing the Seven Deadly Sins. It is the source of War's Wrath and if you equip it, you too will be possessed by Wrath. Like the Warrior's Soul, it will give you Auto-Berserk, but also doubles your ATK! The mask has a mind of its own and during battles, you will see dialogue from the mask as if your character is hearing its voice in their head!

    The Horse of War is a mount item that can only be equipped at level 30+. It can cast Berserk on enemies or yourself an infinite amount of times and can cast Berserk + Fill your limit once per battle!

    Lastly, there are some other new items hidden throughout Alexandria:

    Mask of Sloth

    Another Mask in the Deadly Sins series. This one will double your DEF and HP BUT you will randomly fall asleep or be disabled in battle. As with all these masks, you will see dialogue from Sloth during battle and you will quickly find out how lazy Sloth is.

    Rod of the Four Councils

    The Rod of the Four Councils is part of a set of 3 magic wands, this one being a Holy Rod and the other 2 are a Dark Rod and a Staff. One will be found in each of the 3 Ruined Kingdoms. They are level 30 weapons that have unique effects when used for attacking.

    Ivory Helm & Ivory Cape

    This is the armor set of the Legendary Ivory Knight, a famous White Knight from Alexandria. It will provide balanced DEF and MD and if you equip both as a set, you will gain 5% extra stats when you have stat buffs like ATK Up and DEF Up. For example, DEF Up normally boosts DEF 20% but with this set it will be boosted 25%!

    Emerald Knight Helm & Emerald Knight Armor

    This is the armor set of the Legendary Emerald Knight, another famous White Knight. This one provides Auto-Regen and if you equip both as a set it will DOUBLE the Regen effect. Meaning you will regenerate 10% HP each turn instead of the normal 5%!

    Dawn Crystal

    And the last new item available is the Dawn Crystal. In the previous Purgatory update, Dusk Crystal became available and I mentioned that Dawn Crystal would be available soon. Dawn Crystal is like other elemental cystals but for Holy element. It will make any weapon Holy elemental and allow you to cast Holy elemental spells.

    I believe that covers everything! As always please report any bugs or problems and feel free to give feedback and suggestions!.

    Next up, I'll be working on the Ruins of the Dinah. The Amazonian 'Queendom' that you may remember from the Prologue. Dinah will be infested with Zombies and Toxic Plants and, I'm sure you can guess, PESTILENCE will be the next Horseman boss!

    Stay tuned!
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    Just when I got to Void, this came out lol. What a bad luck but hey nice, at least we got an update

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