Hey Rogues,

I have small update for you with some new items!

Excalibur II

The first new item is Excalibur II. This is a level 35 Holy Sword with Demon Killer and Reflect Break effect. It will deal double damage to any 'evil' based enemy and can dispel Reflect with a normal attack! Excalibur II is a great weapon for your new White Knight. It can be found in the new Alexandria map but that's all I will say. There is more to unlocking it!


Lindwurm is a level 30 Gun with the Multi-Hit and Slingshot effects. Multi-hit currently has no use but in the future when party battles are implemented, it will allow you to hit multiple enemies with a normal attack. The Slingshot effect is also a less known effect that brings us to the next part of the update:

It's not known to many players, but Nuts (Carob Nut, Zeio Nut, etc) have another use besides breeding Chocobos. There is a Slingshot weapon that can be used along with Nuts to turn into ammo that give enemies certain status ailments! Previously, you had to equip the Nuts on your item slot and use them on the enemy while wearing the slingshot to 'shoot' them. Now, with this update, you can equip Nuts on the Offhand slot like Ammo (they are also now in the Ammo item type category.) However, unlike normal Ammo, every time you normal attack with the slingshot, it will deduct 1 Nut from your inventory. Also, you may notice you can still equip Nuts on your 5 items slots. Why? Because you can now swap them in mid battle! Just use a Nut from one of your 5 item slots like you would a Potion (target yourself) and it will swap it with your Offhand item. So, if you shoot a Carob Nut as ammo to set Zombie status, you can then swap it with a Zieo Nut from one of your 5 item slots and shoot the Zieo to set Mini status! Even if your Offhand item is not a Nut, it will be swapped and placed in one of your 5 items slots which will put it at risk of being stolen by Thieves and Pirates. So, be careful swapping Nuts with rare or expensive Offhand items.

So, this update makes the Slingshot item much more useful and the new Lindwurm Gun can shoot Nuts as well! These are the only 2 items in Rogue Dynasty with the 'Slingshot' effect.

Lindwurm can be found in Round Island and again, there's more to unlocking it that I will leave for you to discover!