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Thread: Prologue Replay

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    Default Prologue Replay

    Hey Rogues,

    Did you skip the Prologue and regret it because you have no idea how to play? Or do you just want to go through it again to test out the high level classes or see the story again? Now you have the option to replay the Prologue!

    Just make your way back to the main starting location (Mayakan Arena) and look for the icon and click START.

    Just remember, once you click START, all your characters and inventory will be moved to a temporary account and you won't have access to them until you finish the Prologue. Any items obtained in the Prologue cannot be kept and won't transfer to your main inventory.

    In a future update, most likely after I finish the story maps, I am planning to add a "Scenario Mode." It will have more scenarios like the Prologue that you can play through and they will give rewards that you can keep! Some Scenarios will give you pre-set characters and inventories like the Prologue and other may use your characters and inventory. You will also be able to exit the Scenarios at any time (giving up your reward) unlike the Prologue that only lets you skip at the beginning.

    I may need help writing Scenarios, so if anyone is good at that stuff and interested in writing Scenarios for our game, let us know!

    Stay tuned!

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