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Thread: New Story map, 2nd Horseman Boss, and New Items!

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    Default New Story map, 2nd Horseman Boss, and New Items!

    Hey Rogues, the next story map is here!

    Dinah Queendom (Ruins)

    The Amazon Queendom of Dinah was the final Kingdom that you witnessed the Rogue Dynasty attack if you played through the Prologue. By this time, KoN KoA was accompanied by Shaperia and her loyal guard Brachtis from Alexandria. They made their way to the Dinah Castle where they discovered ANOTHER box like the Ark of Millions of Years and the Ark of the Covenant. The Amazons mentions the "Pandora Event" which tells us it's the legendary Pandora's Box. After opening it, a nasty Plague is released upon Dinah that turns everyone into zombies and turns the plants into mutated plant-monsters!

    Like Alexandria, Dinah can't be rebuilt because anyone who stays too long will get horribly sick and turn into zombies due to the curse from Pandora's Box! The Ruins can be entered from the Golden Trade-way after exiting the Great Bazaar on the East side. Once you enter the Ruins, the longer you stay in the map, your character will start to get certain negative status effects! Be sure to prepare the right equipment to nullify the status effects or navigating this map will be very difficult! And the encounters will be even more difficult!

    In Dinah you will encounter Zombies and Toxic Plant enemies with levels 25~30. Most of these enemies can inflict nasty status ailments, so prepare the necessary immunites!

    Make your way to the Dinah Castle and you will find the main boss for this map:


    The Horseman of Pestilence fights with horrible status ailments.

    Once you defeat Pestilence, the curse on the Ruins will be lifted and you will no longer encounter enemies or get status effects from the map.

    Pestilence will also drop TWO items:

    Mask of Pride

    Horse of Pesilence

    The Mask of Pride is another mask of a set of SEVEN masks, representing the Seven Deadly Sins. It is the source of Pestilence's arrogance and if you equip it, you too will be possessed by Pride. Mask of Pride increases all stats by a percentage and will randomly make your Peerless in battle! However, it also makes you unable to heal or buff and your limit will fill slower because you are much to proud to need any of that! The mask has a mind of its own and during battles, you will see dialogue from the mask as if your character is hearing its voice in their head!

    The Horse of Pestilence is a mount item that can only be equipped at level 30+. It can cast Poison and Curse on enemies an infinite amount of times and can cast Plague and Curse+ once per battle!

    Lastly, there are some other new items hidden throughout Dinah:

    Mask of Lust

    Another Mask in the Deadly Sins series. This one will double your MO and MP and give you Auto-Reflect BUT you will be disarmed and refuse to attack the enemy and can't run away. As with all these masks, you will see dialogue from Lust during battle.

    Fly Trap Wand

    Fly Trap Wand is part of a set of 3 magic wands, this one being a Dark Rod and the other 2 are a Holy Rod (Rod of Four Councils from the previous update) and a Staff. One will be found in each of the 3 Ruined Kingdoms. They are level 30 weapons that have unique effects when used for attacking.

    Wings of Phoenix & Phoenix Emblem

    This is the legendary Phoenix set! Some veteran players may remember these items from an old version of Rogue Dynasty. Before, they were level 15, but now they are level 30. They have higher stats and the same effects as before. Wings of Phoenix has Auto-Burn and the Emblem Absorbs Fire, so together it creates a super regen of 10% HP each turn. However, a new effect has been added in this version. If you equip both together as a set, you can auto-revive once per battle!

    Medusa's Glare

    Medusa's Glare is a level 35 Fist weapon that has a chance to turn the enemies into stone (Paralyze) just by attacking!

    That's all for this update! As always please report any bugs or problems and feel free to give feedback and suggestions!.

    Next, I'll be working on the Ruins of Yuanlan. The Kingdom of Summoners that you first encountered in the Prologue. Yuanlan will be haunted by ghosts and spirits and demon monsters that feed off your fear and energy! Famine will be the Horseman of this map and more Masks will be obtainable!

    Stay tuned!
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