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Thread: New Story maps, 3rd Horseman Boss, and New Items!

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    Default New Story maps, 3rd Horseman Boss, and New Items!

    Hey Rogues, the final Ruined Kingdom is finally finished!

    Yuanlan Kingdom (Ruins)

    The Summoners' Kingdom of Yuanlan was the first Kingdom that you saw KoN KoA stumble upon if you played the Prologue. KoN KoA decimated the Kingdom and made his way to the Summoners' Academy where he met Shaperia. After defeating her in battle, he blackmailed her into joining him as his Queen. When KoN KoA descended upon Yuanlan, his Dark Aura left the kingdom a wasteland where no food could grow and it welcomed all kinds of nasty demons and spirits!

    Like the other Ruined Kingdoms, Yuanlan can't be rebuilt because anyone who stays too long will be drained by the evil aura and starve to death! The Ruins can be entered from the Golden Trade-way after exiting the Great Bazaar on the South side. Once you enter the Ruins, the longer you stay in the map, your character will start to get certain negative status effects! Be sure to prepare the right equipment to nullify the status effects or navigating this map will be very difficult! And the encounters will be even more difficult!

    In Yuanlan you will encounter demon and ghost type enemies with levels 25~30. Some of these enemies can use instant kill spells like Death and Doom, so keep Auto-Life on!

    Make your way to the Yuanlan Castle and you will find the main boss for this map:


    The Horseman of Famine fights with draining and debilitating effects.

    Once you defeat Famine, the curse on the Ruins will be lifted and you will no longer encounter enemies or get status effects from the map.

    Famine will also drop TWO items:

    Mask of Greed

    Horse of Famine

    The Mask of Greed is another mask of a set of SEVEN masks, representing the Seven Deadly Sins. It is the source of Famine's love for gold and possessions and if you equip it, you too will be possessed by Greed. Mask of Greed will allow you to randomly steal items from monsters and sometimes you will stop in mid battle to pick up random items. It also TRIPLES gold obtained from battles! The mask has a mind of its own and during battles, you will see dialogue from the mask as if your character is hearing its voice in their head!

    The Horse of Famine is a mount item that can only be equipped at level 30+. It can cast Mindless on enemies an infinite amount of times and can cast Disable once per battle!

    Lastly, there are some other new items hidden throughout Dinah:

    Mask of Gluttony

    Another Mask in the Deadly Sins series. This one will absorb all elements and double EVERYTHING. Including, Healing, Damage dealt, damage taken, HP, MP cost, and status durations. As with all these masks, you will see dialogue from Gluttony during battle.

    Staff of the Golden Sun

    Staff of the Golden Sun is the final wand the set of 3 magic wands found in each ruined Kingdom. This one is a staff while the other two were Holy Rod and Dark Rod. They are level 30 weapons that have unique effects when used for attacking.

    Hand of Midas

    Hand of Midas is a Glove type weapon that can be equipped on the offhand. Remember Glove type is different than Fist type. Gloves can be equipped by any class and give small percentage based ATK and MO stats. Hand of Midas will allow you to obtain a random small amount of gold each time you attack the enemy with the Attack command.

    Also, along with Yuanlan Kingdom, another map is now fully open!

    Route of the Rogue Dynasty

    If you played the Prologue, you probably remember the LONG jungle path between the Ulterior Realm portal and Yuanlan Kingdom. Well, this is the same map but now it's a desolate wasteland due to KoN KoA's dark aura killing all the plantlife. Now it only left with horrible monsters. Like all 'path' maps, it's just a straight path to follow with not much to explore. However, you will notice the monsters are the same monsters from the Ruined Kingdoms. After you defeat the Horsemen bosses, you no longer encounter monsters in the respective Kingdom, so if you miss any and want to complete your Bestiary and Scan collection, you will need to find them in Route of the Rogue Dynasty. Note that Alexandrian Knights are not included. If you missed battling them, you will not be able to encounter them again, however, Alexandrian Knight (Berserk) can be re-battled from the Bestiary like other bosses but only if you encountered him at least once in Alexandria.

    There is also a rare item to be found here:


    That's right, it's Thor's hammer! Mjolnir is a level 35 Blunt Object type weapon with Lightning element and a chance of Paralyzing the enemy. It can also summon Ixion from the Magic Command. It's easy to find along the path but there is a trick to obtaining it that you must figure out!

    One more item is also now available:

    Mask of Envy

    If you been keeping count, you know there are 6 Masks available based on the 7 Deadly Sins, so here it is, the 7th mask! Mask of Envy will make you want everything the enemy has and copy the enemies actions including, healing, buffing, and gaining limit! This one doesn't really have any downsides like the others so it's a must have for your mask collection! Mask of Envy is not in either of the new maps but is found somewhere else in the world. Good luck!

    There it is Rogues! But wait! I know you're asking one thing....."Aren't there FOUR Horsemen of the Apocalypse? WHERE IS DEATH?" Don't worry! You will have your encounter with Death in the FINAL story map, the Ulterior Realm. This map will also have the FINAL boss battles with THE Rogue Dynasty! Including Brachtis, Shaperia, KoN KoA, and KoN KoA's surprising true form!

    But before I work on the final map, I want to go back and finish the long awaited Fusion City and FINALLY release the powerful Tier 4 class DRAGON WARRIOR! Fusion City will come with FOUR other maps including 3 Mine maps where you will have to mine your way through Minecraft style using Pickaxes. While mining, you will find Fusion Shards which can be crafted into the powerful Fusion Weapons! At the end of the mines will be the Dragon Core, an ancient underground dragon civilization where you will find the boss for the Dragon Warrior Scroll. There's much more to the story that links Fusion City and the Dragon Core together!

    Stay tuned and as always, report any bugs and let me know if you have any problems!
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    yay I love the route of rogue dinasty, I didn't finished Dinah cause its too hard to keep looking for all monsters in the plague aura and got the badge before finishing it and I thought that I wasnt going to have another chance to finish it. The alexandrian knights could appear in the Harkan Monster Arena (as a captured prisioner) so people that missed it on Alexandria can complete the bestiary later.
    Looking forward to the new Yuanlan and the new Fusion City that are going to come after this!

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