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Thread: Changes to Shops/Treasure Chest System (Backend)

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    Default Changes to Shops/Treasure Chest System (Backend)

    Hey Rogues,

    I have made some changes to the Shop system to make it easier for admins to add Treasure Chests as well as hide or show shops based on conditions. You will not notice any difference in the game, the changes are all on the backend. The reason I'm making this a public announcement is to let you guys be on the look out for any bugs or problems. I can't go through and test every shop and treasure chest after the change so if you notice anything strange with the shops please report it here. Here are some examples:

    -Treasure Chests reappearing that you have already opened
    -Treasure Chests not adding the items to your inventory or not showing the pop up with the item names.
    -Treasure Chests not disappearing after you open them.
    -Shops not disappearing after you complete the quest (bosses for example)
    -Shops reappearing that should be hidden based on your completed quests

    Please let me know if you experience any of these or anything else you think is not working correctly.


    I'll work on adding Treasure Chests to Fusion City, Mines, and Dragon Core now that I have made the system easier.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, this includes NPC's as well. They use the same show/hide system as shops. If you see an NPC that seems out of place, for example, they talk about a quest you already finished, let me know here.
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