Hey Rogues,

I have replaced Chocobos and all Chocobo related things in Rogue Dynasty to get further away from copyrighted material.

These are Dracobs. They are basically de-evolved Chocobos lol. They are small feathered dragons or dinosaurs that are now the main mount of Rogue Dynasty.

Everything will stay the same as far as capturing Dracobs, breeding Dracobs etc. Only the names and appearance have been changed. I will probably change the names of the Greens and Nuts too since they are taken directly from Final Fantasy 7. So if you see different names for those in the future, just check the Library to see which ones are which.

Also, please be on the look-out for anything I may have missed. If you see the word "Chocobo" anywhere, in an NPC message or location description, for example, please let me know. There are some that I'm already aware of so no need to report these:

The background images at the Dracob Ranch. These need to be changed because they are taken directly from FF7. If you can find any better images, please send them to me.

The "Chocobo Racing" image at the Casino. I'm not sure what to replace this with. Again, any help is welcome.

The "Boco" doll. I don't plan to change this, it's meant to be a Chocobo Doll. The Doll weapons are almost all taken from other games and are more like an homage to them. They will probably need to changed anyway, but I will worry about that later.